Team Member 3 : SAMREEN

The topic of my assignment is WIKI. In this topic I researched about the history of wiki, the main role and properties of wiki, the uses of wiki plus its uses in education and different types of wikis.

My roles toward wiki is as follows:
In the beginning, my first step was to develop the wiki site and then giving links to my team member to access the wiki so all of us sign up here and share our topics and start doing collaborative work.

After telling them basics of wiki my role was to give feedback on their topic as well as to improve our wiki such as to add recent posts link in top menu bar so if anyone comes here and want to see the most recent comment it will be done in just one click.

Another important contribution in the wiki is that I always arrange meetings with my team members and update it in recent activity.

Finally it was all team work and my team members are very helpful and always there for me whenever i need them.

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