Team Member 2 : SULAMAN

Role of each team member

The topic of our group assignment was on Social Networking; however my independent research topic was on Personal Websites.
Prior to highlighting my contributions towards the collaborative teamwork, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team members for their excellent professionalism, in terms of the effort and hard work we all put in to meet the team’s objective, which was to develop a high-quality Social Networking Web Site. Everybody contributed; the morale of the team was good and as a result I believe we worked well as a team. We supported each other well and whenever a member needed help or support, someone was there to give them the assistance they needed.

The bulk of my contributions towards the team collaborations consisted of giving continuous feedback to the other team member’s work, whilst simultaneously taking onboard the feedback given to me. We all contributed to the design and implementation of the Wiki page, although my role was specifically focused on the design and implementation of the front page. The process of designing the Wiki page structure was amended on numerous occasions. Our initial design for the page structure was designed like a content page; the topic headings were the links that was going to take you

In conclusion, I would like to say overall I am very satisfied with the outcome of our team effort and collaboration. Furthermore, I want to express my gratitude for the guidance and support given to us by our tutor Cain Evans.

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