Contributions and Role of VIKUL

The topic of my team assignment is ‘Blog’. In this assignment a study of blogs and blog thread data model, networked structure of the blogsphere and blogs as social network has been made.

About my role in our team working on this assignment, I may mention that firstly we register with the wikidot for making our own site of which the front page is made by the Sulaman who is a member of my group. Having made the front page, we created individual links for the team members for uploading our individual contributions in the wiki.

I researched a lot for preparing my topic and started uploading the same in my link. When I uploaded a topic, every team member gave me feedback related to my topic. I carried out the changes in my contributions depending on the feedback given to me from my team members. Secondly I added diagrams in the ‘introduction’ part of the assignment and also in my topic. In my topic I also added some videos that show what ‘blog’ is and how it functions. I also added some online links related to my topic. I added links related to our respective topics so that it appears on the screen when we click on blog link and if we click on other link that appears in on the screen.

Thirdly I added some videos related to my topic and in the ‘introduction’ part of the wikisite. I drafted the ‘introduction’ part on ‘social networking’ which constitutes the most important contribution to the whole assignment. I also rendered feedback to the other team members on their contributions to the wikisite so as to enable them to improve upon their work. I also helped them in understanding and discussing the complex and intricate points of scientific nature pertaining to the blog development. As is evident from the discussion part of the ‘introduction’, both of my team members needs my help for uploading videos in their topic. I not only helped them in upload the videos related to the topics dealt with them, but also sent them some links to find the videos related to their topics. I explained and convinced my team members to make the topic effective and clear to understand by adding some diagrams in their own topic. I provided them important pdf files and links that carried very useful information related to their topics.

Another important contribution that I made is that I changed the theme of the front page of the wiki website and added top menu bar in the front page of our website.

To sum up, I must say that in a team the goal is accomplished through the combined team work and through the individual contributions of every member of the team. But in our team, my contribution consisting of designing, adding of diagrams and videos, helping the other team mates in completing their contributions and editing the whole assignment indeed makes my role and contribution in the team work very important.

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