Personal Web Pages And Social Network

Is a personal website part of social network?

Before this question is answered, it is important to touch a little bit of what is a social network. First social networks sites are included Youtube, Facebook, Twiter, Bebo and many more. As the name indicates this type of web pages is for social purposes, virtually, peoples can know each other, have friendship or may be even get married without never meeting! as was on the news last week that Pakistani cricket captain has married a famous Indian tennis player and during the wedding in Indian there came a lady claiming that she is groom’s wife initially he denied but later admitted that he married her over the internet but never met her before and an Indian Judge confiscated his passport and he has to divorce her prior to proceed the rest of the wedding! For that example the social networks have a profound and life changing impact on its users, these days every internet user (mainly young) accesses into at least one of these social networks sites such as Yutube and Facebook, for viewing someone’s view or broadcast themselves.

Coming back to the question of, is the Personal web pages are part of the social network, as explained in the introductory part PWP are used as communication tool between the authors and their audiences. As they publish their view and users can also interact with PWP by inputting something onto the PWP someone can argue that they are part of the social network sites although the PWP audiences can be limited compared to social network users. Furthermore the social network sites are owned by large organization and they are designed to generate large profit from these users by placing linked adverts where as the PWP are mainly designed to exchange information or one product sale such as a singer whose his/her music can be downloaded from his/her PWP.

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