This study examines the accuracy of personality impressions based on personal websites, a rapidly growing medium for self-expression, where identity claims are predominant.
Personal web site or web pages are World Wide Web pages created by an individual to publish or keep content of a personal issue instead of on behalf of organizations. The usage of Personal web pages are often merely for entertainment purposes or passing information to the viewers. Media theorists like Joshua Meyrowitz (1985) has contended that the adoption of new media appears to involve a blurring of the boundaries of public and private. For instance biography information, curriculum vitae (CV) the authors of personal web pages inform their audiences about their hobbies, interests what they do as well as where they spent the day etc. This type of web pages is an effective way of expressing your opinion and publicity which would otherwise, simply would not have been possible to be aired. The contents of a web page are published automatically on globally. Kelly (1995) suggests that home pages are a medium in which conventional relationships between public and private are visibly in the process of transformation. John Seabrook (1995) explains that while a home in the real world is a way of keeping the world out, an online home on the other hand is drilling a hole in the wall of your real home to let the world in.have been possible to be aired.

Personal Web Pages Types

There can be two types of Personal web pages based to their intended audiences, one type is a personal web pages that in solely designed for certain people to use or view the contents of the personal web Pages (PWP) regardless whether the user can interact with web pages or not. One example of these PWp is like my intended future web page ( I live in Birmingham and work for a money transferring company call Dahabshiil which has branches over 50 countries and from time to time I travel around and sometimes I spend many days away from my wife, children as well as friends and colleagues. So my PWP is my diary I log on every day many times and update the contents and the other members of my family and friend can have up to date information of my whereabouts. So this type of PWP is called personal portal and many people like me such as teachers, company managers, business travellers and many more have this type of PWP.

Usually, the employers of these authors have provide the required facility to run and maintain these PWP like host Server
The second type of PWP is slightly deferent and it is designed for a larger audiences who can create their own profile in the registration process and can view the contents of the PWP and also can input their own opinion but these can be monitored by the author so the users will refrain posting an offending messages, example of these type of PWP are celebrity (singers, footballers film producers or directors, etc) blogs where fans can follow their legend or stars. These PWP are rather more professional than the previous type, and most of them are called as official celebrity website and they are authorized by the celebrity (Author) but maintained by an individual or company directly associated with the celebrity to be labeled an "official website." This designation is often a seal of approval and an assurance to the public that the information provided on the site (including press releases, tour dates, and promotional materials) has been authored or approved by the celebrity in question. Sometimes we see on the news that news about a celebrity (PWP owner) is received from his/her web site even sometimes we see that the stars do press release printed on their PWP and this proves how important or bona fide is the web site. Or otherwise the owner can be liable for the contents of the PWP.

Is a personal website part of social network?

Before this question is answered, it is important to touch a little bit of what is a social network. First social networks sites are included Youtube, Facebook, Twiter, Bebo and many more. As the name indicates this type of web pages is for social purposes, virtually, peoples can know each other, have friendship or may be even get married without never meeting! as was on the news last week that Pakistani cricket captain has married a famous Indian tennis player and during the wedding in Indian there came a lady claiming that she is groom’s wife initially he denied but later admitted that he married her over the internet but never met her before and an Indian Judge confiscated his passport and he has to divorce her prior to proceed the rest of the wedding! For that example the social networks have a profound and life changing impact on its users, these days every internet user (mainly young) accesses into at least one of these social networks sites such as Yutube and Facebook, for viewing someone’s view or broadcast themselves.

Coming back to the question of, is the Personal web pages are part of the social network, as explained in the introductory part PWP are used as communication tool between the authors and their audiences. As they publish their view and users can also interact with PWP by inputting something onto the PWP someone can argue that they are part of the social network sites although the PWP audiences can be limited compared to social network users. Furthermore the social network sites are owned by large organization and they are designed to generate large profit from these users by placing linked adverts where as the PWP are mainly designed to exchange information or one product sale such as a singer whose his/her music can be downloaded from his/her PWP.



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