Blog Ties Blog Rolls Citations And Comments

Blogties: blog rolls, citations, and comments
Social relationships can be expressed online as different forms of blog ties:
Blog roll links are usually located in the blog’s sidebar and point to other blogs that the author may read or simply want to always include on her main page. Blog rolls are typically updated infrequently.
Citation links are made by bloggers within their own posts and can reference an entire blog or just a particular post on that blog. By their nature, they occur at a fixed time point, but may be repeated. Repeated citations can serve as a weight for the tie – with more frequent citations indicating a greater interest of one blog for another.
Comment links are not necessarily hyperlinks per se, but an interaction that occurs when one person, possibly a blogger, adds a comment to another blogger’s post.
For both blog rolls and citations, the communication is indirect. It occurs on the blog with the blog roll or citing blog post, but may be noticed by the blog being referenced through blog search engines, server logs, or through Trackbacks. Trackbacks allow the citing blog to notify the blog receiving the citation that their post has been discussed. The receiving blog will typically display the Trackback, along with summary text of the citing post. Readers are then able to follow conversations across several blogs by traversing Trackbacks.

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