Example Of Blog Application

Example of Blog Application

This section shows a way of inserting important supplementary information with immediacy when browsing news content.
Though famous news sites and TV programs may deliver important information with immediacy, they cannot cover all the information relating to a news topic. We feel that it is important to provide a variety of supplementary information to audiences to avoid presenting them with biased opinions. For example, the information provided could include entries by important bloggers, part of a blog thread, related news referred to by an important blogger, and so on. Even when using a conventional technique such as a search engine, the system cannot pre-crawl supplementary information on a news item because the information may not have existed before the news event occurred. We therefore propose the following application shown in Figure. , which is the system that can insert important supplementary information with immediacy when a user browses news contents.
The operation of the application system is outlined below.
1. The system identifies important bloggers on particular topics.
2. When news content is delivered, the system estimates the topic of the news content.
3. The system crawls the blog data from important bloggers related to the news content.
4. The crawled blog data are categorized using a clustering method.
5. The system provides blog data from important bloggers that differ to some degree from the news content, because data that is the same as news content is not useful as supplementary information.
In future work, we plan to work on identifying important bloggers for various topics, detecting topics in news content, crawling blog data from important bloggers, clustering blog data and presenting information that supplements news content.

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