Social Roles In Blog Comments

Social roles in blog comments

When people leave comments regarding a blog post, they are indicating that they read the blog post and have some feedback to offer the blogger. Since they are more direct and often represent continued interaction, the interactions that bloggers have with one another through comments may be more indicative of the depth of their relationship than other blog ties. Along with tracking the blog roll and citation networks for the three communities, we also examined the comments network of the Kuwait community during a two week period in January 2006. The comments dataset includes 3943 comments left on 468 blog posts from 89 blogs. The mean number of comments per blog post is 8.425, the median is 6, and the mode is 0. As we examined the interactions in the comments network, we observed several central hubs receiving the majority of the blog comments in the network and a few of the bloggers in the community posting a disproportionate number of comments. Bloggers with the highest out degree (the bloggers who left the most comments), however, are not always the most central in terms of in degree. The most central node in the dataset received 346 comments from 100 different authors, 24 of whom were from the community. This blogger also left 89 comments, but only 12 of those were on other blogs. The blogger with the highest out degree left comments on 26 other blogs in the community, but only received comments.

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