Blogs As Social Network

Blogs as Social Network

Social network testing is the quantitative learning of the interaction between individuals or organizations. Social network analysts signify interaction in graphs where individuals or organizations are portrayed as nodes also referred to as actors or vertices and their connections to one another as edges also referred to as ties or links. By quantifying social structures, social network analyst can verify the most important nodes in the network.
(S. Wasserman and K.Faust:1994)

Applying social network testing methods to the blogosphere has exposed remarkable answer about how individuals distribute information and cooperate socially online. For example, the connecting patterns of blogs can be used to expect paths of information flow through the blogosphere (E. Adar and L. Adamic: 2005). Adamic and Glance (2005) looked at the network configuration of political blogs during the 2004 U.S. Presidential election and found that the connecting patterns between traditional and moderate blogs formed two fairly separate communities (L. Adamic and N. Glance :2005 ) . Moreover, Herring initiate that blogs that link to each other and are part of the same community have a affinity to declare one another in blog posts and to converse with one another through comments. These credentials between blog pairs occurred “on multiple occasions, suggesting the existence of a relationship between them, not just a one-time exchange” (Herring et al. 2005).

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