1 Introduction


A weblog is defined as a web page with minimum to no outside editing, providing on-line observations, cyclically modernized and existing in invalidate sequential order, with hyperlinks to other online sources. Blogs can function as personal diaries, technical advice columns, sports chat, celebrity gossip, political commentary, or all of the above. (samizdata.net/blog/glossary.html.)

The increase on the Internet blogging, the design of journal-like web page logs, has created a highly forceful subset of the World Wide Web (WWW) that evolves and responds to real-world events. Indeed, blogs (or weblogs) have newly emerged as a new common publishing medium. The size of the so called blog sphere (or blogosphere) which is the collection of blogs on the Internet - has been rising exponentially for the last few years, with the number of blogs tracked by Technocratic doubling every six months.(Rebecca Mead, “You’ve Got Blog,” The New Yorker, 13 November 2000.)

The increase of the blog sphere has led to the establishment of new search engines tracking and searching the contents of blogs, thus servicing the need of Internet users for possible recovery tools for the blog sphere. Today, there exist several blog search engines - some focusing on searching blogs, such as Blog Digger, Blog Pulse and Technocratic; and some expert services from the main Web search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and keeves.

Blogs have many interesting features: entries are added in sequential order, sometimes at a high volume. In addition, many blogs are created by their authors, not planned for any sizable viewers, but purely as a method for self-expression. Extremely available blog software has facilitated the act of blogging to a wide-ranging audience, their blogs shiny their opinions, philosophies and emotions. Traditional media tends to focus on “heavy-hitting” blogs devoted to politics, punditry and technology. However, there are many different genres of blogs, some written around a specific topic, some covering several, and others talking about personal daily life.(’Giald Mishne and Maarten de Rijke A Study of Blog Search. In Proceedings of ECIR-2006. LNCS vol 3936. Springer 2006’’)

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